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Chateau Vista Farm's Jumper Breeding Program

Producing elite international level jumper prospects...


Chateau Vista Farm, LLC is proud to be able to showcase a breeding program integrating elite international warmblood bloodlines to produce Olympic-level prospects. Chateau Vista Farm is dedicated to producing international FEI level show jumping prospects for the future using top sires most current on ranking lists as well as modern young types that already have proven themselves through the jumper ranks. Possessing an elite jumper genealogy is critical to the betterment of the sport as a whole not only in the hunters but in the jumper rings as well. We are very selective when it comes to our jumper production stock and pedigree's and we typically spend months focusing on what breeding matches would work for the following year based on sport performance. Check out more information below on how Chateau Vista Farm works diligently to produce sensational jumper foals year after year.


Elite Jumper Genealogy

The Olympic dream is in the pedigree...

      From the beginning of Chateau Vista Farm's breeding program our passion has been grounded in a foundation of producing America's elite hunter and jumper prospects for the pinnacles of our sport. From two very different yet similar angles, hunter and jumper breeding is an art. Focusing on elite jumper genealogy here at Chateau Vista we believe that the Olympic dream is in the pedigree.

       The sport of show jumping has definitely changed over the years with the evolution of flashier jumps, technical courses, scope and athletic tests through triple combinations and the like, rider judgement tests, and just keeping up with the latest horse fitness regimes to maximize gains in prize money earnings. Ranking lists are sought after and the constant traveling stressors for our nation's finest horses whether over-the-road or aboard aircraft continues to test the competency of the horses we produce year after year both here and abroad. Creating that extra special jumper is no small task and is also what we consider an art among breeders.

        With the foundation of show jumping breeding originating in Europe, we often times hear that the Europeans have such farther advancements in breeding top sport horses over North Americans. In truth, their wide range of breeding stallions in such a small vicinity has every breeder turning an eye to Europe. We have utilized breeding stock overseas and have imported donor mares for our breeding program as well. With advancements in ICSI intercytoplasmic sperm injection breeding in general is seeing many advancements towards producing top quality stock.

         Quality stock is important and having an elite pedigree is key to overcoming the obstacles our American jumpers face while in the depths of the competition season. Using our criteria of trending genealogy we focus on a performance specific base for producing elite foals. Looking back generation to generation we go through the sport results of both the sire and dam and beyond to come up with pre-breeding statistics for our jumper foals before they are conceived in-utero. We believe that this allows us to have a very specific understanding of all of the major questions that go into breeding specific horses and crosses and how their offspring will enhance the show jumping world, for the better. Smart breeding through trending genealogy is our passion and we are focused on producing the best of the best future jumpers, on American soil.

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